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Content Marketing - Persona Development - Customer Journey

The relentless demand for fresh, inspiring content continues in today's modern marketing world. At TAG we know that content needs to be much more like telling a story than reciting corporate facts. We also know that you need to understand your customer's market segments and captivate their attention along each stage of their journey with pertinent, digestable material that stands out from the crowd. Understanding your customer's journey is the building block of all content generation - so we do just that. And then when we have followed your customer like a shadow, understanding what their preferred information sources are, where and how they find them, what their decision making process is, whether they share the journey with others and how they like to engage and ultimately procure - then we craft your content and we dare to be enthralling and sometimes edgy but always relevant and timely. 



Technical Advertising

We design amazing concepts that engage and inspire your customers. We create inbound marketing campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

T: +44 (0)1582 390980

Technical Publicity UK

We offer an unrivalled service based on our understanding of technology markets and the global media environment.

Technical Publicity Hamburg

Wir verstehen Technologie, den Markt sowie die globale Medienlandschaft und bieten einen beispiellosen Service.

T: +49 (0)4181 968 0980