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ABM: What trade and tech publishers can do to help

Account Based Marketing (ABM) — or in other words marketing campaigns that target a specific customer’s needs rather than pushing a message to a broader industry or audience - isn’t a new concept in the B2B marketing world. It has been around for a long time and was previously known as ‘Key Account Marketing’.  However, today ABM is making a big noise in the B2B world - thanks to new technologies such as advances in marketing automation and programmatic advertising, we’re now armed with deeper insights on our customers’ buyer’s journeys than ever before.

It is proven that ABM is a veritable lead-to-revenue marketing success story for our customers and many of them are now putting an ABM strategy in place for 2018. As a result many B2B publishers are concerned that their “broadcast model” will come under threat – this does not need to be true! B2B publishers can reap financial benefits by offering ABM solutions that aid B2B marketers to drive this initiative forward. 

Here are four ways B2B publishers can help B2B marketers with their ABM offering:


1. Offer bespoke ABM solutions

ABM is a great opportunity for publishers to  enhance and channel existing offerings they have for B2B marketers. There are a number of marketing tactics publishers can use to their advantage when considering new bespoke solutions for ABM campaigns:

  • Events: create small niche events that are only open to certain businesses
  • Bespoke webinars that target specific brands
  • Exclusive members only login areas
  • Sector specific content only accessible to certain IP addresses
  • Direct mail

In other words  – don’t let a bespoke e-mail be your holy grail.  


2. Be open minded – more targeted means revenue

As mentioned, ABM can be beneficial to all parties – publishers included. A typical ABM campaign will have a 3 year timeline so it’s a long-term marketing strategy and we’re all in it for the long run.

This quality-over-quantity marketing approach, allows publishers to see exactly where and how they can add benefit to a campaign for a long period of time without affecting their bottom line.  The key here is to be creative and strategic in coming up with new innovative ways to target these accounts.   

Remember marketers need the “earned” brand value associated with publisher brands.


3. Don’t take it personally – it’s not you, B2B communications is changing

B2B marketing is changing at a fast pace and brands are demanding tangible, data driven results for their marketing activites. ABM is gaining traction as the viable complement to conventional sales and marketing efforts. A recent report published by #FlipMyFunnel and B2B News Network brought to light that 83% of B2B marketers surveyed said they had an active ABM programme in place in 2017.

So publishers ….get on board it will benefit us all.


4. Last but not least, make sure your database is up-to-date

We understand that there may be thousands of contacts on a B2B publishers database, but making sure the details you have on file for your contacts are up-to-date has never been more important. 

Having the right information on file for a specific account —not just the company but the job titles or level of decision-making authority held by individuals within the company, can be the difference between an ABM marketing success or a marketing fail.

Don’t let your database be the downfall of your ABM offering!


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Sylvia Laws, Managing Director, Technical Associates Group (TAG)

 You can connect with Sylvia via LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter or email.

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